Forecasting Urban Development

We know the future value of your urban location

Cityfier a digital analysis service for visualising city development and forecasting the future value of urban districts and properties.


Location is the key in the real estate market. The value of the location is based on accessibility and distances between different urban components, such as homes, public & private services, workplaces and transport. These factors tell you where to invest.


The problem

The other important factor is timing. It is essential to know when to invest. However many of the tools used for analysing the property or district values are based on the present. The evaluation models do not take into account the future development of the area. In other words currently there are no forward-looking valuation models available.



Cityfier uses city master plans to simulate the future development of a certain area. Tool combines city master plans, property data and housing market data with urban research. It analyses relations between the different urban components and forecasts the future value of your location. The analysis results can be used by landowners, property investors and city developers.

Examples of our work

Cityfier ESA Feasibility Study
Image credit: Copernicus Sentinel data 2018

Cityfier research project investigates how satellite data on green areas could benefit city planning

Project aims to find out how data on green areas transmitted by satellites could be utilised in city planning. Research project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

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Cityfier Service and Case Suurpelto, Espoo

Description of Cityfier analysis service and case example how it was used to help the development of new residental area called Suurpelto in the City of Espoo.

Master Plan Analysis - Jätkäsaari, Helsinki

Forecast of best housing location at Jätkäsaari district in Helsinki. Estimation based on initial construction schedule between the years 2019 and 2025.

Property development timelapse 1919-2040

Development of property location values in different districts in Finland between 1919-2040. Analysis done with Cityfier.

Koivukylä, Vantaa

Cityfier analyzed 10 year housing sales GIS-data and alternative architectural sketches of Vantaa Koivukylä as part of site allocation competition entry 2017. Proposal was rewarded for 1st prize.

Barcelona - at 22 Urban Village

Cityfier was used to analyze new at district of Barcelona Spain for housing and services. Cityfier imported open data components from cloud and was able to found most attractive blocks for future housing.

Kera - Urban Development Alliance

Espoo Kera area is planned for 15000 new residents and 300 new jobs until 2035. Cityfier was used 2018 as part of the research project to analyze different investment strategies for timing and location of Kera's future value components.


We forecast the value of your urban district

Do you want to know what is the expected value of housing, jobs and services in some district in the future? We can perform the analysis on your desired district and timespan. We are also able to make comparisons between different areas.

The valuations performed in the Cityfier analysis are based on urban economic research data. Analysis provides information on how the proximity of private and public services (such as shops, schools, health care, etc.), and existing and planned transport services (trains, buses, metro, trams) affect the housing prices.

The Cityfier analysis also indicates the average value of the housing in a certain area. It analyses the attractiveness of an area based on accessibility and the services available.

  • Evaluation of current property values in the area
  • Information about the service structure
  • Information about the residents and workplaces
  • Information about the accessibility
  • Forecast of property values in the area
  • Forecast on how the services, residents, workplaces and accessibility are going to develop in the area

We help you to decide when and where to invest. Want to know more?

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City Of Helsinki
City Of Espoo

Research partners

University Of Helsinki
University Of Oulu

Cityfier-analysis of Kera was great help in the investment analysis, scheduling and dialogue with landowners.

Pekka Vikkula

Project Director, City Of Espoo


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