Espoo Centre

City of Espoo, 2020


The role of Espoo Centre in the network of city centres is strengthening. The areas along the western rail link will drive growth in Espoo Centre and Espoo as a whole. With the construction of the railway connection between Espoo and Salo, new, densely built housing districts will be developed in the areas surrounding Mynttilä and Hista stations. In the short term, additional construction will mainly take place in an area that is not linked to the realisation of the rail link: the region stretching from Espoo Centre to Nupurinkartano and towards Brobacka via Lommila. In 2019, the City of Espoo commissioned a land use survey to analyse three different plans for Espoo Centre. The variables in the city structure included public transport trunk connections, land use density, mix and diversity indices, and landscape and building design solutions. In the analysis, the assumption of approximately 30,000 new residents and 11,000 new jobs in the area was used.


In the project, the attractiveness of Espoo Centre and Lommila was compared in relation to their town plans and investment plans from the perspective of location and the diversity and volume of local services. As part of the assignment, the area’s current status, town plans and estimated completion phases were modelled, including traffic investments and the distribution of housing and jobs in the area. Five alternative scenarios were modelled for the development of the areas, and a comparison of property values in relation to their location was prepared.


The alternative solutions created during and as a result of the project can be used to achieve a better and more balanced further plan for the area with regard to price development.

Development of the area

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