City of Espoo, 2019


The master planning unit of Espoo’s City Planning Department had prepared its own business survey. As part of this survey, the goal for Cityfier analysis was to identify which of the existing areas with workplaces can be put to residential use in the future and which should remain areas with commercial properties. Keilaniemi was one of the areas used as an example.


The goal was to analyse how areas in Espoo with a high number of commercial premises will develop under the current urban development plan. In the analysis, the development of Espoo’s commercial districts was modelled on the basis of the construction potential, and the predicted increase in the value of commercial properties in various areas was compared.


An analysis covering the following matters was created as a result of the project:

  • The building and development of the areas, particularly with regard to increases in services and transport investments as a function of time and in relation to one another.
  • The impact of changes to the city structure on the value of commercial space locations.
  • The value of office premises in Keilaniemi and Kiviruukki will increase faster than anywhere else in the capital region under the current building right allocation.

Development of the area

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