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In Helsinki’s master plan, the Malmi Airport area is the most important new area of construction. Homes for 25,000 residents are being planned for the area, with about 2,000 new jobs expected to be created. The goal is to build a diverse, high-quality area with different housing types. The plans cater for 2,000 new workplaces and the construction of two new day-care centres and necessary schools. The area will have its own regional centre, with services and jobs. In the future, the area will be served by the Raide-Jokeri 2 tram line and Viikki–Malmi tram route, which will travel from the centre northwards via Viikki and the airport area. The project is estimated to take 25–30 years. By conducting this analysis, the client wanted to encourage regional operators to initiate projects that benefit Malmi as a whole. Another goal was to launch the development of the centre of Malmi as soon as possible, even though the construction of housing in the surroundings of the airport will not begin for a decade.


The assignment encompassed the modelling of stage-by-stage construction of the Malmi region, including transport investments and distribution of housing and workplaces in the area.


Cityfier analysis

  • The building and development of the areas in Malmi, particularly with regard to the increases in the volume of housing and services as a function of time and in relation to one another.
  • The impact of changes to the city structure on the value of the sites with existing buildings, residential properties and services.
  • The distribution of public services in the area (e.g. the location and number of schools and day-care centres) in relation to the expected growth of population.

Development of the area

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