City of Helsinki, 2019


With Finland’s best transport connections, Pasila is a key area for commercial construction in Helsinki, and the city centre is rapidly expanding towards it. As new offices and commercial premises are built, the number of jobs in Pasila will double, reaching 50,000 by 2040. Workplaces and business premises will be built in all parts of Pasila. The number of residents in the area will grow to 30,000, almost triple the current number. The development of Pasila started in Central Pasila, with the construction of Tripla shopping centre by the railway station. Next, the Ratapihakortteli and Postipuisto areas will be developed.


The purpose of the project was to analyse the stage-by-stage construction of Pasila until 2040, including the distribution of workplaces and housing in the 1,000-square-metre area being studied. The development of the area was analysed from the perspective of residential properties, offices, retail premises, day-care centres and schools.


As a result of the project, the city gained tools for assessing the role of the planned and lacking investments in the further planning of the area, with a view to ensuring the balanced development of the district.

Development of the area

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