Research project, URBS data, Aalto University, 2016–2017


The City of Espoo is planning to build a new central area in the surroundings of Kera railway station, between Nokia Campus and the Kutoja District. The surroundings of the station will be converted from a logistics area to an urban centre with pedestrian and cycle routes. In addition to commercial services, the area will house day-care centres and schools and fitness and recreational services. In addition to constructing new buildings, existing buildings will be converted to new use or used as temporary facilities. The plan is to build housing for about 14,000 people in Kera. The area will have about 10,000 jobs. The area is owned by 11 private landowners.

The URBS data was a joint project carried out by six companies, Aalto University and the City of Espoo, with a view to enhancing city planning by developing design services that utilise digitalisation, automation and project management that makes use of a shared ecosystem. In the project, AINS Group was involved in the development of the Cityfier tool and service.


In the URBS project, a map-based survey (Maptionnaire) on the order of construction was prepared for the landowners and central stakeholders on the basis of the master plan for Kera’s various areas. On the basis of the results, a Cityfier analysis and forecast on the price development of housing up to 2035 was prepared.


As a result of the project, the timing and scheduling of service investments in relation to the construction stages could be analysed. In addition, the project included an evaluation of how scheduling of construction stages in various scenarios impacted the price of land.

Development of the area

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