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Would you like to know how your property’s values in a certain area will develop between now and 2040? Order a report from our new online shop.

Cityfier provides annual forecasts on price development for more than 100 000 residential properties up to 2040

The property evaluation methods in common use do not take investments made into areas’ services and infrastructure into account. Cityfier has the edge in this regard – our unique multivariable model analyses the impact of traffic and service investments in a given area on the value of properties there.

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Property investments are typically regarded as a safe bet, particularly in the capital region. However, there are areas where prices have not developed as expected. Avoid unpleasant surprises and maximise the value of your investments.

Property guru: Do you need to determine the value of a newly built property or a plot allocated for residential use, but no data on previous sales in the area is available?

Try Cityfier and determine the value on the basis of the location and future service development!

Determine the value of your plot or a new build on the basis of location

With Cityfier’s data, you can factor in the impact of location on the value – no need to rely solely on your gut feeling. Data on previous sales provides information on the past situation, while Cityfier looks to the future. Take the future price developments into account in land acquisition and the pricing of newly built properties.

  • Pricing of residential plots
  • Pricing of new residential buildings

Schedule your project correctly

Optimise your project’s starting time and tap into the hidden potential of your projects – make use of Cityfier in your cash flow calculations.

Save time on data collection

We offer you rapid access to data on an individual postcode area or residential property via downloadable reports or the Cityfier licence service.

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Are you ready to take your vision to the next level?

Select an area for review

Why does the value of a particular area rise or fall? How many residents and jobs will an area have in the future? How about services? What are the most interesting locations? How will a sea view, metro station, day-care centre or a school affect the value of the area in the future? How will your area fare in comparison with other areas in the future? Don’t waste time compiling building right and investment data from various sources. Focus on data analysis instead.

Focus on an individual property and its future prospects

Cityfier offers all the information you need, starting from the building type and the construction year. It gives you easy access to data on building rights, current price evaluations, and forecasts on future price developments. The system also provides easy-to-interpret information on the impact of transport connections and services on property values.

Compile your own portfolio

You can compile interesting properties and plots into portfolios – either real or speculative. With a portfolio, you can keep abreast of development forecasts and view the current average and total value of your portfolio, the existing and sellable building rights and the total number of properties.

Share data across your organisation

Typically, information on the prospects of various areas and how they will perform in relation to one another is based on the expertise and experience of a few top experts. Accumulated over decades, this information is not easy to transfer within an organisation or even a team. With Cityfier, you can ensure that your entire organisation has access to valuable information. Information boosts productivity, makes decision-making easier, and helps spread expertise and market understanding throughout the organisation.

Recognise prime locations and areas in decline

Cityfier encompasses more than 900 planning projects and area investments that will influence the value of more than 110,000 residential properties over the next 20 years. Its timeline function helps you pick plots and properties with the best outlook for your portfolio – and avoid areas that are past their heyday.

Cityfier helps you:

Make timely decisions

Compare investment alternatives

Analyse the development of your portfolio

Keep up to date on development projects

Recognise improving and declining areas

Save time

Share data across your organisation

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